Video Poker

Video poker is different from online slot machine games because you have influence on the odds of the game through the way you play. If your playing strategies are at par, then winning the game can be easy.

The Basics

Video poker is simple to play, especially if you already know the rules to poker. Knowing the basics of poker, which is the basis of the game, is definitely an advantage. However, you are playing just against the machine in video poker, and not against other players.

Just like in a live poker game, a video poker slot will deal you five cards that you can see on your screen. You can opt to keep these 5 cards, or you can ask the machine for 5 new cards. To keep the individual cards that you want from the dealt hand, just press the “hold” button under each card as you go. After which, press the “play” tab so you can start playing already. It is also very simple to see who wins the game – either you or the machine.

Tips on Winning Big

Have the odds in your favor even before you begin playing.

Even if video poker is considered a slot game, it is still based on the traditional 52-card deck. This means you have possible combinations amounting to 2,598,960, to be exact. Remember that video poker makes use of a computer program, thereby simulating actually probabilities, as in playing real and live poker. Casinos do understand the fixed possibilities of the game so they adjust payout tables accordingly and have them positioned to the advantage of the house. In general, payouts are the same, save for the “big hands,” which include the full house or the royal flush and the flush itself. You should then go for the machines that are highest paying since the odds would be in your favor here.

Play maximum coins always.

When you bet five coins, all winning hands will then have a payout by the factor of five, excluding the royal flush. If you do not play maximum coins, you just might never score the Royal Flush, and your game would be short-lived as well.

Play long time and go beyond short-term results.

This is simple Math. When you play the 9/6 machine, your odds of hitting the Royal Flush is 1:40,000. This is equal to 100 hours’ worth of play. Thus, be prepared for the long haul. Short-term results inevitably differ so do not be too frustrated at first. Focus on the big picture instead.

Video poker is won through perseverance and patience.

Staying in the game takes much perseverance and patience on you as a player. However, with the right strategies, your staying efforts will surely pay off. The strategies to employ would depend on the game itself. At best, Jacks or Better is a game you might want to try because it has the best odds of success, with a 9/6 payout.

Keep in mind these basic tips to winning video poker, and you will certainly find a lot of improvement in your game in no time.