Roulette is one of the easy games to play in any casino. The rules are fairly simple as well. You first take a wager from the bankroll and then place it in one of the designated areas to indicate what kind of bet you intend to make. The person rolling the well is known as the croupier, and when he rolls it, the ball then bounces down onto a particular number. The wagers containing that number then win a predetermined amount.

Odds of Inside Bets

These are the bets that come with the highest level of risk, as well as the highest payout, and the lowest odds in roulette. A player can opt to use 5 common inside bets, with each one having its own set of odds and payout. These common inside bets are the straight, the street, the split, the corner, and the line. The 5-liner bet is exclusive in American roulette containing the number 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.

The straight bet, also known as the classic bet, comes with the best payout at 35 to 1. However, it comes with the worst odds in roulette, with just 1 in 37 chances for European roulette, and 1 in 38 for American roulette.

The split bet, otherwise known as the 2-number bet, pertains to the bets you make on 2 adjacent numbers. This bet’s payout is quite nice at 17.5 to 1, with the odds slightly better than that of the straight bet. In European roulette, you get 2 in 37 chances; while in American roulette, you get 1 in 19.

The street bet, also known as the 3-number bet, is made on numbers found in one row. Its payout is at 11 to 1, with 3 in 37 chances for the European, and 3 in 38 for the American.

Corner bets or square bets are made on the numbers that form a square. With its payout at 8 to I, you get 4 in 37 chances with European roulette, and 3 in 19 chances with American roulette.

The 6-line bet is made on two adjacent rows that you can find in the grid. With a payout of 5 to 1, it has odds of 6 in 37 for the European version; and for the American version, you get 3 in 19 chances.

Odds of Outside Bets

You can choose amongst three types of outside bets – even-money, column, and dozen.

Even-money Bets
These are bets made on particular combinations, such as High/Low, Red/Black, and Odd/Even. This bet has a payout of1 to 1, and you have just a little less than 1 in 2 given chances.

Column Bets
These are bets made on 1 of 3 columns found on the grid. The payout is 2 to 1, with European odds at 12 in 37 chances, and American odds at 6 in 19 chances.

Dozen Bets
This is a bet that is made on dozen numbers, such as from 1 to 12, or from 13 to 24, and so on. Payout is pegged at 2 for a single unit wagered. Odds are similar as that of column bets, where there are 12 in 37 chances in European roulette and 6 in 19 chances in American roulette.